Don’t Gamble with Your Teeth—3 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Don’t Gamble with Your Teeth—3 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Good Oral Hygiene Routine

A good oral hygiene routine is important, and almost synonymous, with good oral health. One cannot exist without the other. Failure to adopt healthy oral hygiene habits can lead to a number of dental problems. Dental carries or tooth decay is the most common chronic dental disease millions in the United States suffer from. In fact, it was found that around 91 percent of adults in the country aged 20-64 suffered from tooth decay.

This makes it important for us to stop gambling with our pearly whites, the most components of our smile.

Below we will discuss some reasons why you should adopt good oral hygiene routines:

1. Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is the harshest form of gingivitis. Not only does periodontal disease damage the soft tissue in your teeth, it also affects the bone structure that supports them. If not treated in a timely manner, periodontal disease can cause people to lose their teeth after the age of 45.

Some studies also suggest that the disease can cause other health problems like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Adopting a good oral hygiene routine like regularly brushing and flossing your teeth can prevent the onset of periodontal disease.

2. Tooth decay

It was estimated that around 2.5 billion people in the world suffer from tooth decay. This condition causes your tooth enamel to soften and severely damages the structure around your tooth. This is caused when bacteria break down sugars and create harmful acids.

A good oral hygiene routine would protect you from tooth decay. Brushing your teeth daily will restrict the formation of plaque. Moreover, maintaining an appropriate diet goes a long way too. Consider avoiding foods that stick to your teeth. These include hard candy, caramel, or toffees.

3. Halitosis

One of the leading causes of halitosis— bad breath—is poor dental hygiene routines. Past studies have found that around 85 percent of cases linked to halitosis were related to poor dental hygiene routines.

In order to avoid halitosis, use mouthwash or brush your teeth after eating. Moreover, cut down on tobacco consumption and even alcohol. These preventive measures make up an important part of a good oral hygiene routine, and prevent the formation of plaque and improve your oral health greatly.

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