4 Oral Care Tips for Individuals Who Wear Braces

4 Oral Care Tips for Individuals Who Wear Braces

They may be slightly uncomfortable but the end result will be worth it!

However, there are some provisos as to how effective your braces can be. Your braces require additional care or may end up causing dental issues like gum irritation, teeth staining and more.

Here are some tips to practice better oral care.

1. Brush More than Twice a Day

Whether it’s lunch or a mid-night snack, brush your teeth each time after so that food particles don’t get trapped within your braces.

While we recommend a soft toothbrush, you can use an electric toothbrush too.

Before brushing, rinse your mouth gently with water to dislodge food particles. Gently brush the gum line, then stroke the brush on the brackets, brushing the top ones downward and the bottom bracket upward. Then rinse again.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Diet

You’ve done away with the sugars for now, but there are meals with high acid content?

Sodas, salsa, pineapple, tomatoes—these consumptions can add to teeth sensitivity. Chewing on ice may also cause your enamel to wear out. It could lead to micro-fractures that are present but not visible to you.

3. Floss

Water flossers and floss threaders get into the deep cruxes and can be very handy if you want to clean your teeth after a large meal. Using these will help you keep those gaps between your teeth clean as well.

4. Visit Your Orthodontist if You Feel Any Pain

The braces and wires might chafe on the inside. If that’s the case, always contact your orthodontist straightaway.

While there are plenty of special waxes available at your local drug store, it might reassure you to know that you’ve gotten medication that’s doctor-recommended.

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