4 Ways to Combat Dental Anxiety

4 Ways to Combat Dental Anxiety

If even the thought of visiting your dentist gives you jitters, you’re not alone! Research has shown that 80% of adults in the United States have some degree of dental anxiety. 20% of them are so anxious that they tend to avoid dental care. Improper oral hygiene can affect your overall welling.

We’ve put together some tried and tested ways to help you combat dental anxiety:

  1. Talk It Out

The first thing to do is to talk to your dentist about this problem. Unless they’re aware of your concern, they won’t be able to help you in a way you want. You can even talk to the entire team to find a solution and make your dentist’s experience and calming and peaceful one. Understand and speak about what exactly bothers you, whether it’s the needles, getting anesthesia, the pain, the sound of the machinery, or self-consciousness? Finding answers to these questions will help curate a visit based on your preference so that your oral health is not neglected due to anxiety.

  1. Distract Yourself

Another great way to relieve stress is by distraction. Some patients get completely overwhelmed by the sound of the drill and other dental machinery. Carry along your phone with you, pop in your earplugs, and listen to some of your favorite songs on full volume. You can even invest in noise cancellation earbuds so that all you can hear is the music. Listening to happy, upbeat songs will also boost your mood and bring a sense of positivity during your dental appointment.

  1. Don’t Go Alone

If you can’t do it alone, bring along support! There can be times that even the walk inside the clinic may seem dreadful. But, when a loved one stands right beside you, you’ll feel stronger and motivated. Whether it’s your parent, spouse, or friend, their presence alone can make a world of difference. You can speak to your dentist to allow that one person inside the room as well so that you can see them and feel assured during the procedure.

  1. Make Up Signals

Another reason why patients might feel anxious at the dentist is that there’s a team of experts working on your mouth while you’re lying on a chair. This feeling of helplessness or lack of control can be overwhelming as well—a great way to deal with this is to settle on a hand signal with your dentist. Perhaps a simple hand in the hair could signify you’re in pain or need a break. This helps you regain control while ensuring that you won’t be uncomfortable during the procedure.

How Can We Help You?

Our dentists at Rabile Family Dentistry in Las Colinas, make sure to communicate with our patients and ensure they are comfortable throughout. If there’s anything, we can do to make your experience stress free, we’re happy to help; we offer all kinds of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental servicesBook an appointment now and get dental treatments by expert Orthodontists in Irving, Texas

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