5 Myths About Braces You Should Stop Believing

5 Myths About Braces You Should Stop Believing

Everyone who has an unaesthetic smile or crooked teeth can consider themselves an eligible candidate for braces. We understand that a lot of people shy away from getting them because they think braces are only for children. “I am an adult, braces will look so out of place on my face!” is something we hear every day in our clinic.

But you know what? Braces help everybody! Whether you want to straighten your teeth or keep them in shape—come, get them! Your age shouldn’t stop you; your oral health is more important!

My Braces Aren’t Hurting! Are They Even Working?

Repeat after us: Braces don’t have to hurt to work! Braces only hurt for the first few days because your body is adjusting to this addition. As soon as your body starts accepting your braces, you can smile, eat, kiss and brush your teeth without any difficulty!

We Mentioned Kissing—Can Your Braces Get Interlocked With Someone Else’s?

No! The braces that are being used today are sleek and small. It’s very unlikely that they can get interlocked with someone else’s and ruin your moment.

Braces Can Set Off the Metal Detector

Some people believe that it will be impossible not to set off a metal detector if they start to wear braces—especially at the airport. Braces are made up of metal, but that is not the kind of metal the security is looking out for!

Braces Can Rust

This is, again, not true. It’s common sense that metal and water cannot go together, right? Water will damage the braces, right?

No! Your braces are made up of titanium alloy that doesn’t rust, regardless of the number of times you expose it to water. A good pair of braces can last you up to 18 months before your dentist tells you to get them changed.

Braces Are Made Up Of Metal, Right? They Would Taste Like Metal, No?

Your braces may feel odd in your mouth during the first few days after every installation. But once you get used to them, you’ll barely notice them let alone be able to taste them! If there is a metallic taste in your mouth, there must be something else stuck in your braces! We’d suggest that you visit your orthodontist to get them cleaned as soon as possible!

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