5 Signs It’s Time to Get a Dental Cleaning

5 Signs It’s Time to Get a Dental Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned by a professional is essential to good oral health. Brushing and flossing alone are not enough. According to Authority Dental, it’s recommended you receive professional dental cleaning only twice a year. Dental cleaning helps you eliminate a buildup of tartar and plaque; this triggers an immune response, which over time, may cause deterioration of gum tissues. This can eventually lead to gum disease and health risks.

So, how do you tell when you should make your next visit to a professional dental service? Here are five signs you need to get your teeth cleaned.

Constant Bad Breath  

We’ve all been embarrassed by bad breath (halitosis) at some point in our lives. According to the American Dental Association, there are various reasons why one could develop bad breath. One of them is the buildup of a film of bacteria known as plaque.

If you practice good oral hygiene but still experience bad breath, you probably require professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque.

You Notice Tartar on Your Teeth

Tartar is a whitish crusty deposit that builds up on the teeth if plaque buildup is left unchecked. Because of the way it bonds to the teeth and gums, tartar can only be removed by a professional dentist.

Bleeding Gums

When tartar builds up, it can sometimes cause a mild form of gum disease called gingivitis—inflamed gums that are prone to bleeding. Healthy oral hygiene practice coupled with professional teeth cleaning can easily reverse gum disease at this stage.

Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever regretted taking a sip of something cold or hot because of the unpleasant sensation caused in your teeth? Sensitive teeth are a symptom of tooth decay caused by plaque buildup.

If your sensitivity doesn’t subside with the use of desensitizing toothpaste and other agents, the problem may need to be addressed with professional teeth cleaning.

You’ve Been Away from the Dentist Too Long

Visiting your dentist for teeth cleaning every six months is highly recommended for a healthier mouth. The silent buildup of bacteria, the painlessness of gum disease, and the commonness of bad breath can often go unnoticed but can lead to serious health issues down the road. It is simply good oral practice to have an experienced and qualified dentist at your disposal.

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