Afraid Of the Dentist? Get Over Your Anxiety with These Effective Tips

painful dental visitsWhile most dental procedures aren’t painful, many of us simply do not look forward to dental appointments. Just the thought of a regular examination is more than enough to stress them out, bringing to surface hidden anxieties and fears.

While most of us can deal with dental anxieties, others have full-fledged phobias that can paralyze them at the thought of a dental visit.

professional dental IrvingIf you or someone you love has serious dental anxieties, when the idea of a dental visit sends chills down the spine, it’s time to ask for help. Try to tackle the problem with these steps:

  1. Acknowledge the fact that you have a problem.

You can’t avoid the dentist forever. Dental emergencies occur and in order to cope with them like a responsible adult, admit to yourself that the phobia is a problem.

  1. Figure out the reason for your fears.

It could be a bad dental experience in younger years, or something more complex.

  1. Commit to overcoming the fear.

Change dentists if necessary and confide in your dentists about your fears. They can help make the experience more bearable, ensuring your comfort throughout.

  1. Bring a Family Member or Friend With You.

Good company can be reassuring in testing times. Just knowing you have someone nearby to hold your hand can help you stay calm.

  1. Distract Yourself.

Keep your mind off what the dentist is doing. Count to one thousand, replay your favorite movie in your head, use noise cancellation headphones while you listen to music, or recite the alphabets backwards mentally, if all else fails.

  1. Discuss Pain Management With Your Dentist.

Sometimes, the fear of the dentist is simply a fear of pain. Talk to your dentist and professional dental Irving hygienist; ask if topical anesthetic is a good idea for your case and whether they can try laser drills instead of traditional ones to reduce the occurrence of pain. While not all dentists have options available, they can employ a range of solutions to fix the pain problem.

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