How to Deal With Dental Emergencies

How to Deal With Dental Emergencies

Already suffering from a knocked off tooth, bleeding gum, or a molar pain, and the agony has been compounded with no immediate access to a dentist in the neighborhoods of Irving?

What do you do?

Obviously, you have no other choice than to wait for the link to be established; but that doesn’t mean you leave the dental emergency unaddressed? There are DIY solutions that you can exercise, but make sure you consult with a local Irving dentist if the situation demands it. And remember:

Dealing with a Toothache

If the pain is localized around a specific tooth, possibility is that you may have an unattended debris deposit. Grab a flossing thread, for it’s time for some spring cleaning.

If the pain appears to be more severe and widespread: head over to the kitchen, open the cabinet, get out the salt shaker and dissolve one teaspoon in warm water. Gargle your mouth and we hope that it soothes the pain.

Never, ever, apply aspirin or any other painkiller against the gums as it could burn the tissue.

Dealing With a Knocked off Tooth

A knocked off tooth; it’s pretty common because primary teeth are bound to fall at some stage while accidents may pull off your permanent teeth— and accidents are waiting to happen.

What to do now?

No need to fret over the loss of a primary tooth. However, if the tooth is permanent, instead of trying to re-fix it (unless you are experienced) and possibly aggravating the damage—it’s better to put the tooth in a glass of milk and apply a cold compress or a wet gauze in the opening. This will reduce any accompanied swelling or bleeding. And yeah, try to reach out to the dentist as soon as possible. If lucky, your tooth might be fixed back into its place or else a restoration technique will be your only option.

Dealing with Gum Irritation

The teeth whitening product you just bought; a sparkling smile spreads over you face. And when you apply it, the rocketing smile hits the ceiling, leaving you with extreme irritation.

However, you don’t have to worry. It’s a side effect that accompanies some of these teeth whitening products.

For the time being, apply a hydrogen-peroxide tooth-paste over the area which may help you curb the irritation. Consult your dentist and try lowering the amount of whitener being used.

And When You Finally Have the Opportunity…

Drive in to Rabile Family Dentistry and let Dr. Rabile and her team serve your dental woes. From dental consultation to advanced treatments, the dentist in Irving has been facilitating her patients for over a decade. To schedule an appointment, please fill out this form.

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