Dental bridges are a good option for the replacement of missing teeth

A dental bridge is an artificial restoration used for the replacement of one or more teeth. Bridges can be made in several different designs and the most common design includes placement of the crowns on the supporting teeth adjacent to the area of missing tooth and attaching a false tooth or teeth to the crowns.

Dental bridges are fabricated in the dental laboratory and typical process includes several appointments. Most commonly bridges are made of specially formulated dental ceramics, metal alloys, or combination of both. During fabrication of the bridge, the dentist covers supporting teeth with a temporary bridge. Once completed, the bridge is secured to the teeth with a dental adhesive.

Keep in mind this expert advice when considering dental bridges.

  1. Understand your treatment options
  2. Understand treatment process and cost
  3. Understand risks and complications
  4. Perform a thorough and consistent oral hygiene
  5. Inform your dentist if you are allergic to metal, plastics, or ceramics
  6. Do not Hesitate to discuss any fears you may have

Understand the risks and complications

Although not very high, treatment with dental bridges carries some risks of complications. Rate of complication typically varies depending on your clinical condition. Some of the complications after tooth preparation such as increased temperature and pressure sensitivity are transitory, disappear shortly after completion of the procedure, and do not require additional treatment.

Other types of complications such as inflammation of the root canal tissues may necessitate additional restorative procedures such as root canal treatment. While in service your bridge material or supporting tooth may fracture which may require crown remake or tooth extraction. Other less comm



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