Top Dental Emergencies That Require Immediate Care

Top Dental Emergencies That Require Immediate Care

Dental Clinics in Irving may not seem like a life or death situation but it must NOT be trivialized nonetheless. Severe dental problems can disrupt your lifestyle beyond measure. Not to mention the risks it poses to overall health.

Dental health is as important as physical wellbeing and mental stability. Jeopardizing one and choosing another is not a wise choice.

From 1997–2007, visits to the emergency department for dental cases increased on a rate of 4% every year. In 2007, dental complications caused 1.4% of emergency visits to the hospital.

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In 2016, 84.6% of adolescents below 17 years of age needed immediate dental help. 64.4% of senior citizens had been to a dental facility for similar reasons in the same year.

These statistics highlight the need to know what constitutes as a dental emergency and seek help for it. Here are a few signs that tell it’s an emergency.


Your body alerts through pain if there’s a medical emergency. As painful as it may seem, pain is important for survival. Toothaches serve the same purpose. It may be hard to locate where the pain is originating when you’re in discomfort. A toothache can cause the entire jaw and most of your face and ear to ache.

There are various reasons for toothaches. Dental cavities and tooth decay are among the primary causes. If this doesn’t seem like an emergency, severe gum infection or an impacted tooth will, because they’re painful as well. An infection can develop into something more serious. It’s advised to get yourself checked before your condition worsens.

Gum Infection

Inflammation in gums or bleeding can be very painful as well. You might mistake it for a toothache when it’s actually a gum infection. The reasons could be as mundane as using a toothbrush with hard bristles or as serious as gingivitis. If you see any such symptoms, seek help from a dentist ASAP before it turns into something bigger.

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Sore Mouth

Experiencing irritation and oral pain is not something to be ignored. Leukoplakia and candidiasis are a few types of mouth sores that can cause irritation. A broken tooth or braces can rub against cheeks and tongue to cause abrasion. Mouth sores could also indicate a serious disease, bacterial infection or fungal virus spreading in the mouth. If the soreness doesn’t relieve on its own within a week, it’s time to see a dentist!

Jaw Clicking

If you’re experiencing pain in your jaw, it could be because of bruxism—grinding of teeth during sleep. Persistent pain can also indicate sinus, arthritis or dental trauma/injury. If you suspect it to be any of these conditions, you need to consult a dentist right away. They might recommend getting an X-ray for your jaw to diagnose the root cause. Don’t delay setting up an appointment because your condition might just worsen.

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