Dental Treatments For Snoring

Snoring affects millions of people and even more that happen to sleep nearby. If you’re finding that your waking yourself up with your own snoring or disturbing the sleep of someone else, you may want to visit a dentist.
That’s right, a dentist!
Some of the causes of snoring are directly related to oral problems that can be rectified by good dentistry.


While some snoring is related to certain medical conditions, some snoring is due to the position of the tongue during sleep. As the tongue obstructs air passages in the throat, snoring noises are created. In other cases, the mouth relaxes in such a way that the uvula and soft palate blocks adequate airflow.
The good news is that a simple mouth guard can rid snoring caused by tongue and mouth position. Customized mouth guards are designed to align teeth and clear breathing passages during sleep. Dental offices can design or have customized mouth guard created to suit the exact shape your mouth.

Still, have questions? Well, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about snoring and mouth guards:
Q: Aren’t mouth guards bulky and uncomfortable?
Night mouth guards are considerably smaller than sports (athletic) mouth guards. Night guards are similar in size to Invisalign teeth trays. Additionally, night mouth guards prescribed by dentist are specifically designed to conform to your mouth.

Q: I sometimes toss and turn as I sleep. Can a night mouth guard be a choking hazard?
Night guards are specifically manufactured not to slip and they do not pose any threats as a choking hazard. Just as sports mouth guard never present choking risks to active athletes, night mouth guards present no risks to those who are sleeping.
Snoring does not have to be a regular occurrence when you rest. Visit a dentist who will be able to perform a quick diagnosis to see if a mouth guard will solve the issue.

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