The Dos and Don’ts of Root Canal Aftercare

The Dos and Don’ts of Root Canal Aftercare

The Dos and Don’ts of Root Canal Aftercare

With more than 41,000 root canal procedures performed every day in the US, it is safe to say that the endodontic treatment is quite popular. It amounts to almost 15 million root canal treatments (RCT) in a year alone.

However, this sad fact is not be celebrated as it shows that there is a lack of oral hygiene and preemptive dental care for people to be left with decaying teeth that need elaborate procedures.

Let’s take a closer look at the guidelines and instructions that you must follow to maintain your oral health post root canal treatment.

Dos – Root Canal Aftercare

Protect Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns are protective coverings added to your teeth after the RCT. When the tooth gets shaved down to reach the dentin, the decayed tooth left behind is not structurally sound or aesthetically pleasing.

Your dentist may insert a dental crown to match the color of your teeth and the shape of your jaw. It needs to be looked after to last up to 5 years. Proper brushing, flossing, and mindful chewing will protect your dental crown.

Practice Oral Hygiene

After going through a painful RCT, don’t fall into the bad oral habits of your past that led to dental cavities and tooth decay.

Make sure you turn your life around and are mindful of brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Use mild toothpaste to clean your teeth if you feel any sensitivity. Gently brush in circular motions for at least 2 minutes without harming your teeth and gums.

Floss after every meal to ensure no food particles are stuck in between the teeth. This habit will prevent cavities, protect your mouth from bacteria and keep your dental crowns clean.

Take Your Prescription Medicines

Your dentist may have prescribed you with a bunch of pain meds and antibiotic medicines to help with a quick recovery. Take your medications as directed to stay away from infections and to decrease the pain.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Food and carbonated drinks that are high in sugar content will rot your teeth easily. Change your bad eating habits and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink milk regularly to make your bone and teeth strong.

Don’t eat in the middle of the night and then go to sleep with an unclean mouth. Brush and floss your teeth in between every meal to get rid of bacteria and germs.

Don’ts – Root Canal Aftercare

Don’t Smoke

It’s never too late to quit smoking. It harms your body in more ways than you can imagine. Not only is it bad for your lungs, but it can also cause lung and mouth cancer. It slowly rots your teeth and may even lead to tooth loss.

The best time to start quitting is after your RCT. The pain and toothache will be fresh in your mind and it will motivate you to cut down on your habit until you quit it completely.

Don’t Eat Hard and Chewy Food

The sensitivity in your teeth will remain for at least 3 to 4 days post the root canal treatment. It is best to stay away from hard food, candies, and crisps.

Don’t try to bite down on ice cubes. Eat softer foods like ice creams to soothe the pain in your teeth. Stay away from candies and chewy toffees that can get stuck around teeth.

Don’t Snack Often

Change your habit of frequent snacking. It is not good for the overall health of your teeth and gums. Most of the time, we snack on chocolates, chips, cakes, biscuits and other sugary items that get stuck in the grooves and ridges of the teeth.

You won’t make the effort or have the time to brush and floss after every 10 minute snack time. It is better to snack less than being left with an infected tooth underneath the new dental crown.

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