Fixing Broken, Chipped, Or Cracked Teeth

Fixing Broken, Chipped, Or Cracked Teeth

Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and biting on hard objects can all damage your teeth in the long run. This is especially dangerous if the tooth gets so damaged that it exposes your enamel, pulp, or the never endings that reside within.

This is why you feel sharp pain running down your jaw every time you accidentally touch a broken tooth.

Sudden pain while eating is a strong indication of a cracked tooth. But only your dentist can assess the damage; after which, they will decide on a treatment plan that will save your tooth.

What Are The Options For Fixing A Cracked Or Broken Tooth?

How a dentist goes about treating a cracked or broken tooth largely depends on how severe the fracture is. If a small piece of filling or enamel has chipped off, you might only require a filling to restore your tooth.

This also applies if only a tiny piece from your dental crown breaks off. This means there’s still room for your dentist to fill the gap and protect the rest of the tooth.

However, things get tricky when your tooth is damaged beyond salvation. You might require a root canal or an endodontic surgery to remove the remaining tooth. This is often the case when the damage has extended into the pulp.

The following are some treatments that might help restore chipped or broken teeth:

Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are the first line of defense against tooth damage. If your tooth is only slightly chipped off, a tooth filling can prevent it from experiencing any further damage.

Dental Crown

If the tooth in question experienced a large chip, you’ll need a crown placement. A crown goes over your tooth, encircling it to prevent it from sustaining further impact.

Root Canal

Root canal is a restorative procedure that is undertaken when the damage has reached your enamel and is attacking the pulp. Your dentist will drill inside your tooth, clean and disinfect the area of any bacteria, and then fill it.

There are many other tooth restoration treatments that your dentist might suggest to save your tooth.

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