Fun Ways to Teach Your Kid How To Brush Their Teeth

Fun Ways to Teach Your Kid How To Brush Their Teeth

Getting your child to properly brush their teeth can a challenging habit to build, and it comes with varying levels of frustration. Good habits start early; here are some fun ways to teach your child to brush their teeth!

  1. Brush to the Beat! 

Your child might not be in her/his greatest mood as soon as they wake up, and getting them to forcefully brush their teeth might be another task altogether! Adding some rhythm to their morning routine will help get your little one to start the day with a smile on their face. Luckily, there are tons of brushing music apps, both iPhone and Android. However, you can even take tunes of traditional rhymes and combine them with words specifically adapted to make the song connect to brushing. Play the song for two minutes and dance with your child while ensuring they maintain a proper teeth-brushing technique. Once the music stops, you stop as well —sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s also a great option to get their bodies moving and ready for a day of learning at school!

  1. Add in Creative Characters

Another creative way to encourage brushing is to curate a story. You can talk about some sugar monsters that will attack your child’s teeth if they don’t brush. Their toothbrush and toothpaste are mighty weapons that can defeat these monsters. You can even go a step further to really create a scene by tying a superhero cape around your child, so they feel super powerful and brush with more enthusiasm.

Some children might end up getting scared of this imaginary monster; you can then use Star Teeth. This great app tells adorable stories that engage and encourage your little one through a full two-minute brushing session.

  1. Pick a Fun Flavored Toothpaste

Your child might not appreciate a toothpaste that has a strong minty taste. You can opt for children’s toothpaste instead. These are specially designed with fun flavors like strawberry and packaged with cartoon characters such as Elmo, Spiderman, and even Dora! Your child will be delighted with the colorful picture and be compelled to use that every morning. These will be easily available at your local grocery store, and you can even cross-check with the dentist before trying a new brand. If you have a toddler, a “training toothpaste” will help them start. Little ones tend to swallow toothpaste when they’re learning to brush, and these training toothpastes are safer to swallow because they’re fluoride-free.

  1. Don’t Forget to Reward Them

Children learn from positive reinforcement. Every time they brush their teeth, so don’t hesitate to pat your child on the back or offer to make their favorite breakfast. These small goals will help them build a more established routine.

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