Gum Diseases and Their Treatment

Gum Diseases and Their Treatment

A bleeding gum,

A swollen gingiva,


Even a persistent bad breath.

If these observations are increasing lately, symptoms indicate that you may be suffering from a gum disease. And you are not alone!

Every other American, aged 30 or above, is suffering from gum diseases. And this widespread prevalence surely calls for dental treatment. But before you make an appointment with your dentist, it is important to know the cause and different types of gum diseases. It will—help you better understand the solutions on offer from your local Irving dentist.

What Are the Causes of Gum Diseases?

Whether you are at a preliminary stage or at an advanced stage, it’s your routine habits which give rise to gum diseases. Unhealthy eating and smoking, accompanied by reckless brushing habits; leads to increased plaque deposition. It is the bacteria in the untreated plaque deposits which causes different types of gum diseases.

What Are Different Types of Gum Diseases?

  • Gingivitis, also referred to as a mild gum disease, is the inflammation of gums which lead to swelling and redness of the tissue. As a result, the gums start bleeding and become sensitive. However, the pain sensations are minimal or zero at this stage. Gingivitis can be easily treated as the connective tissue and the bone are not yet affected.
  • Periodontitis, a more serious development, is a result of untreated gingivitis. The connective tissue and the bone get affected, while pockets start forming below the gum line, which leads to more plaque deposits. This is an irreversible damage, however, the effects can be limited if proper treatment is exercised.
  • AdvancedPeriodontitis refers to the extensive damage inflicted on your gum and bone tissue which makes it improbable for the teeth to remain intact and they eventually fall off if left untreated.

Dental Solutions on Offer

  • Scaling and polishing help remove plaque buildup, which helps prevent and overcome gingivitis. This may be an ultrasonic or laser based treatment.
  • Root Planning is a sort of dental treatment designed to remove off the deep deposits of plaques, which have sediment under the gums.
  • Periodontal surgery is required when it becomes necessary to remove the affected tooth so as to restrict the damage from spreading. A cosmetic dental solution may be offered to compensate for the removal.

For more details, consult a local dentist in Irving.

Need Help?

If you have been suffering from symptoms of gum diseases, it’s time to visit Rabile Family Dentistry—a complete dental care hub. From offering advanced gum treatment solutions to a general dental consultancy; Dr. Rabile and her staff are here to facilitate all your dental concerns.

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