How Pregnancy Can Impact Your Oral Health

How Pregnancy Can Impact Your Oral Health

Pregnancy affects almost all aspects of your life. Just when you think you don’t have to worry about your oral health during this phase of your life, this blog pops up!

Pregnancy is difficult, we understand. But don’t forget that you’re eating for two, taking care for two and brushing for two. 56% of women reported that they did not consider visiting the dentist during their pregnancy and that whatever oral health issues came up, they went with the flow and did not pay attention to it.

How Mom’s Oral Health Can Affect the Baby?

If a woman is unable to take care of her oral health during her pregnancy, the excessive growth of bacteria in her mouth may enter her bloodstream through gums. These bacteria can be transported to the uterus and trigger the production of a chemical known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins may induce premature labor pain.

The following are some of the oral health issues pregnant women can go through if they don’t take care of their teeth properly:

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Swollen gums during pregnancy—also known as pregnancy gingivitis—make your gums sore and prone to bleeding easily. Pregnancy gingivitis is caused by hormonal changes in the body, which increases the blood flow in gum tissues. This makes the gums sensitive, swollen and irritable.

Hormonal changes can also impact the body’s normal defense to bacteria, which can contribute to periodontal infections. When hormones aren’t able to fight with bacteria, it gives enough space for plaque to build up in your teeth, leaving you susceptible to gingivitis. The chances and intensity of pregnancy gingivitis increase during the second trimester.

Untreated pregnancy gingivitis may lead to periodontitis, which keeps on causing problems after the delivery.

Tooth Mobility

During pregnancy, you may also experience loose ligaments and bones—both these elements make your teeth stay in place. This condition is known as tooth mobility. There might not be any tooth loss, but you will experience some discomfort.

Tooth Erosion

Your morning sickness and vomit sessions aren’t just affecting your mood and destroying sleep, they are also eroding your teeth. During pregnancy, there is an increased exposure of gastric acid due to vomit, gastric reflux and hyperemesis gravidarum.

Rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash is a great idea for preventing your enamel and teeth from eroding during pregnancy.

Dental Caries

Pregnancy often results in dental cavities because pregnant women have an increased craving and intake of sugary snacks and drinks. Not giving in to these cravings is hard during this time and you don’t normally care for your pre-pregnancy oral health maintenance.

You should not stop visiting your dentist while you’re pregnant. Instead, you should let them know at every visit that you’re expecting a baby so that they prescribe the medication or treatment according to the month you’re in.

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