Signs Your Dental Crown Needs Adjustments

Signs Your Dental Crown Needs Adjustments

Does your recently installed las colinas dental care hurt? You could need a crown adjustment!

Dental crowns are popular cosmetic dental treatments that can help restore functionality and appearance of your chipped or damaged teeth. Typically made of porcelain, these tooth-shaped caps can be installed to support natural teeth with large fillings, or to protect weak teeth from breaking.

When fitted properly and paired with good oral hygiene habits, a dental crown can last for more than 10 years. However, if the crown isn’t created to the exact specifications of your teeth, it can come loose or fall out entirely soon after the installation.

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Only a professional dentist can accurately determine whether your dental crown needs adjustments, but there are some telltale signs which you can observe on your own and schedule an appointment accordingly.

Improper Bite

An improper bite can cause an unusual pain in jaw and neck and can also lead to masticatory problems. Ideally, you should be able to maintain a solid contact between your upper and lower teeth after the installation of your crown. However, if your bite begins to feel unnatural after your dental visit, your dental crown could be ill-fitted.

Presence of gaps

A good crown has excellent contact with the adjacent teeth. Poorly designed dental crowns, on the other hand, cannot be fitted tight enough to close the gaps between teeth. Food particles can get lodged in these gaps which eventually contribute to tooth decay and infection.

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Persistent pain

While it is normal to experience a minor level of discomfort after a dental treatment. If the pain persists for a long period, you could have an ill-fitted dental crown. Intense pain or discomfort can also be caused if the crown is placed over a tooth with inflamed or damaged pulp.

Gum Inflammation

Dental crowns need to be contoured according the size and shape of each tooth they are to be placed over. If the crown is over contoured, it will be bigger than the underlying tooth, which will lead to inflammation of the gum tissue. However, as gum inflammation is also one of the early signs of periodontal disease, it’s always better to consult an experienced dentist for an oral exam.

Poor aesthetic appearance

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Cosmetic dental treatments such as dental crowns are supposed to look and feel as natural as possible. A good dental crown should be indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. If your current dental crown has a poor aesthetic appearance, you should consult your dentist for possible solutions.

Have you been noticing some of these signs in your dental crown lately? If so, let us help you out!

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