What To Do When You Lose Your Dental Crown

How To Still Be King When You Lose Your (Dental) Crown

Crowns are a great form of cosmetic dentistry to help people regain their looks, confidence, and functionality of the teeth. A crown is a cap that fits over existing tooth remnants to help restore shape, size, and appearance. The cap is cemented in and for the most part can hold for years upon years. Nevertheless, there are times when your crown can become loose and although it’s instinct to panic – remaining calm is key.

Try and Find the Crown

There are two main reasons you should attempt to find your crown if it has come loose. The first is to make sure you haven’t swallowed it or if it is somehow trapped in your windpipe or stomach. The second reason to make every attempt to find the crown is because a dentist can often just re -cement it if it hasn’t been destroyed or lost.

Don’t Glue It Back In

Some patients look to bypass another trip to the dentist by gluing their own dental crown back in, often with toxic materials like super glue. This is a very dangerous practice and the cement used to reapply dental crowns is a special dental adhesive that is more durable but most importantly safe.

Don’t Eat Foods on That Side of the Mouth

It’s important to not eat any foods with the spot of the mouth where the crown went missing as this can damage the remaining tooth and cause you sharp pain. If the tooth remnants aren’t altered the crown can usually be replaced with emergency cosmetic dentistry but damage might mean fabricating a new dental crown.

Take a Pain Reliever and Schedule an Appointment

Even if you are in pain or are having anxiety, it’s important to remember that losing a crown is actually a very common occurrence. Give our office a call ASAP and we’ll immediately get you back on track to tooth health .

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