Five Misconceptions About Root Canals You Should Know

We’ve seen it happen all the time.  A patient comes in and is very concerned (or even skeptical) when they are informed that the best approach to their dental situation is to have a root canal.  The internet is full of a lot of details about root canals, but not all are correct. In fact, there are plenty of myths associated with root canals.  Over the years, the Rabile Family Dentistry team has performed thousand of successful root canals, and we have patients in Irving, Coppell, Las Colinas Valey Ranch, Grand Prarie, Grapevine, Euless, Hurst, and Farmers Branch, Texas that can testify to our reputation.  So if you are told that you need a root canal and have heard conflicting information, below are the words of trained dentists.


  1. You need it only when you are experiencing tooth pain.

Sometimes teeth die, and in such cases, you need a root canal to ensure that they do not get further infected or pass the infection to adjacent tissues.  Some infections are relatively painless because they have not reached the nerve.

  1. Root canals can lead to illness.

The above statement is one of the most common misconceptions, and it is prevalent because of research that took place a whole century ago. Root canals do not lead to secondary infections as they also help in removing bacteria from teeth that have been infected. They eliminate pain and do not result in illness.

  1. Tooth extraction is a better alternative compared to a root canal.

Tooth extraction can be unbearably painful, and it is likely to introduce even more bacteria in your bloodstream. A root canal is not only cost effective but at the same time, you can retain your natural tooth. Other alternatives like bridges, implants involve more time and cost.

  1. Root canal treatment is painful.

The primary function of a root canal results in the removal of tooth pain. With the help of anesthetics and sedatives, you can get a root canal without feeling a lot of pain. It is almost like having a filling.

  1. Root canal benefits are temporary.

Don’t even believe that the result of the root canal is temporary. Root canals help in preserving the tooth indefinitely. If you can put the final crown and you take the right oral care, it will help you ensure that your tooth will last forever. So, a root canal is not a temporary solution.

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