4 Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatments

4 Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatments

Raising kids is a big responsibility. Taking care of their needs, giving them quality education, raising them to be better individuals—let’s just say it’s not easy.

But among all these life-changing decisions, are you neglecting your child’s oral health? Take it from our experienced dentists; early orthodontic treatments is the most impactful oral health decision you can make for your kid!

Does it have you wondering, what the ideal age for an orthodontic evaluation is?

This may sound surprising but according to the American Association of Orthodontists, the ideal age for orthodontic examination is 7 years.

Doing so reduces the complexity and cost of your child’s treatment, and produces ideal result.

Here’s why you should take your child for an orthodontic examination at your earliest.

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1. Improves Orthodontic Treatments Airways

The growth direction of the lower jaw in children compromises their nasal breathing. The inability to breathe properly through airways often disrupts sleep patterns in children, leading to sleep apnea. Children with disrupted sleep patterns feel tired and groggy, and have a hard time performing well in school. Furthermore, the vertical jaw growth leads to an unequal growth of your child’s face, compromising his physical appearance.

An orthodontic treatment resolves these issues by increasing the width of airways, leading to a better sleeping pattern and improved academic performance.

2. Boosts your Kid’s Confidence

No matter how many times you tell your kid that they look fine, it won’t make it better! Children often suffer from low self-esteem because of how they look.

If a minor orthodontic intervention is all it takes to restore your kid’s confidence, what’s more to ask for?

3. Identifying Crowding at Early Stages

Maybe your orthodontic experiences as a child didn’t go too well and you don’t want your child to experience the pain of tooth extraction yet. We understand your concerns but orthodontic treatments doesn’t necessarily involve tooth extraction. In fact,  the need for teeth extraction can be eliminated altogether with a few simple procedures.

By identifying crowding at an early age, the dentist can carry out necessary procedures to make space for permanent teeth.

4. Prevents Thumb Sucking Habit

It’s normal for children to suck their thumbs—at least until the age of one or two. But if your child is still doing it whilst at 6 or 7, that’s not a healthy oral practice. The prolonged habit of thumb sucking affects the development of teeth and jaws.

However, a visit to your family dentists might be a solution to this concern. A consultation with your dentist can motivate your kid to overcome this habit.

Timing is essential in order to ensure your kid’s oral health. Having your kid examined by a professional dentist at an early age makes room for treatment, increasing the chances of success.

If you’re looking for a reliable children dentist in Irving, Texas, visit Rabile Family Dentistry. We provide a comfortable dental care environment for your child so that they don’t feel scared or anxious during treatments.

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