8 Benefits of Choosing Fastbraces®

8 Benefits of Choosing Fastbraces®

Everyone wants an impeccable set of pearly whites. Orthodontist in irving tx. Fastbraces, emerged after thirty years of research, eliminates the time taken to align teeth. This system has been created to replace the traditional system as it surpasses its effectiveness in every way. These braces are recommended to patients with high canines, crowded teeth, a cross bite, overbite, and an open bite.

So, what are the benefits of switching to this system?

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Fast results

The main goal behind creating this treatment is to speed up the process of teeth correction. Fastbraces are removed within a much shorter period of time.  Traditional braces—consisting of metal wires—typically take anywhere between a year to three years to achieve straight teeth. This is because they work in two phases: first, aligning the crown of the teeth and then positioning it.

Fastbraces, on the other hand, performs both these actions simultaneously. It realigns the crown and the root at the same time.

The latter is ideal for people who want quick results. It’s the ideal choice for individuals getting married soon, university students about to join the job market, and teenagers. Fastbraces treatment can be completed within three months to a year.

No pain

Even though the teeth move at a faster pace, the process is comfortable. Unlike traditional braces, the wires used in Fastbraces are flexible. They aren’t rigid, hence, don’t cause soreness. Those who have Fastbraces rarely report instances of discomfort.

They’re discreet

One of the main reasons people resent braces is because of how noticeable they are. They tend to affect the overall look and the way one speaks. Many admit to feeling insecure because of their braces; they don’t socialize as often, they feel uncertain approaching people, and so on.

Fast braces are triangular, making them discreet. They don’t cover the surface of your tooth.

Natural bite

Fastbraces are created to help you preserve your natural bite. Traditional braces were created to give everyone the same bite. The reason why Fastbraces are a quicker treatment is because it works with the natural structure of your face.

No extraction

Typically, a dentist may extract a patient’s premolars (in the instance of crowded teeth) to create space which will then be utilized to relieve other crowded teeth. Fastbraces require no extractions at all, making it a less invasive procedure.


This ingenious procedure requires less time. Patients undergoing this treatment don’t have to visit a dentist as often as the traditional treatment. A few sittings are required which differ based on the severity of your case.


Extensive research has been done on Fastbraces before it could be made available. They are also comfortable for the patient, since there is extraction required.

Since the brackets are applied for a shorter amount of time, the risk of tooth-staining is reduced. Traditional brackets tend to cover the surface of the teeth and block oral care products from reaching it.


Fastbraces is a much quicker treatment. Monthly visits are required that take up to 20 minutes. The time frame of your procedure will differ based on severity.  You no longer need to take time off work or school to visit the dentist.

Looking for an  Orthodontist in irving tx? Rabile Family Dentistry is proud to offer Fastbraces for adults. This latest technology in the world of dentistry has helped us provide confident smiles. Call us now at (972) 756-9557 to schedule a consultation.

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