Protecting Your Teeth: We Ensure Better Oral Health For You!

Protecting Your Teeth: We Ensure Better Oral Health For You!

The mouth is wet, filled with food particles and perfectly heated to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great environment for bacteria. It is important to keep it clean at all times to ensure the health of your teeth.

Plaque Build-Up Causes Tooth Decay

If allowed to build up on teeth, the film or deposit called plaque can lead to major dental problems. Plaque leads to production of acid in the mouth, which corrodes tooth enamel, causing gum diseases, dental abscesses and holes in the teeth. When you consume sugary and carbohydrate-filled foods, the bacteria in the plaque get the energy it needs to produce this acid.

Without treatment and care, this bacteria and acid can enter the soft core of the teeth were the blood vessels and nerve endings are. This is when tooth decay gets painful and you need dental help.

Tips To Help Prevent Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay may be a common problem, but it is entirely preventable. Here at Rabile Family Dentistry, as Las Colinas dental care leaders, we suggest you do the following regularly to keep it away:

  • Visit your dentist on a regular basis – your dentist will help ensure that your mouth, teeth and gums stay in top shape.
  • Cut down on sugary food and drinks, especially between meals or before going to bed. Also look for sugar-free alternatives of medicine where possible.
  • Take care of your teeth and gums– brush properly twice a day and use floss daily!
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption or smoking – tobacco can significantly reduce the production of saliva, which helps to keep your teeth clean. Alcohol, on the other hand, can erode tooth enamel.

Get Started With Healthy Teeth and Gums Today!

A healthy mouth doesn’t just look good, but also helps you avoid potential health concerns. A great looking smile is important for speaking confidently and looking great while doing it.

The only way to ensure better protection for your teeth and better overall care is to practice good consistent oral hygiene practice and listen to your dentist on all regular visits! Our dentist in Irving TX can treat oral health issues and help you establish healthy oral habits.

But the truth is that prevention is only in your hands. So start making better food choices, because not only it will help improve your energy and vitality, but also ensure stronger teeth and prettier smile for ages.

We’d love to help you with all oral care issues. Visit Rabile Family Dentistry online, or call (972) 756-9557 now for an appointment.

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