Rooting It Out! – Common Myths Associated With Root Canals

Rooting It Out! – Common Myths Associated With Root Canals

Just the thought of getting a root canal makes you feel queasy. The drilling, the screwi Common Myths Associated With Root Canalsng in, the poking around – it’s all too much!

Now, your fear is justified. Anything related to dental treatments has a sinister vibe, no thanks to the many fiction authors who’ve used them in the horror sequels.

However, before you dismiss the idea of getting a root canal for your tooth pain, answer this question – do you even know what it is?

Let’s first dispel the idea of what a root canal treatment is, before you we move on to what you should believe about it!

What is involved in a Root Canal Procedure?

Firstly, there’s no drilling or screwing. So you can breathe that sigh of relief.

As for the poking, there is quite a bit of it. But the truth is; you don’t really feel anything. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and the pulp within your tooth is taken out. Then the inside is cleaned, after which it is sealed.

All this is done after a small amount of anesthesia is administered to the tooth, so there’s complete numbness during the procedure. You do not feel anything while the treatment is being performed.

From this explanation, we can at least dismiss one myth, that root canal procedures are painful, when in reality; the anesthesia renders any worries about pain unnecessary.

Myths about Root Canals

Root Canals Cause Illness

The research behind this statement is baseless. While many people did believe for a long time that root canals could lead to a number of illnesses and disease, this is simply not the case. The procedure is designed to treat bacteria and infected teeth. If anything, the treatment prevents re-infection.

The Procedure Kills the Tooth

This belief may be due to the fact that the procedure involves the removal of the tooth nerve. However, the tooth’s nerve does not have a vital role to play in the tooth’s function or health. Its function is only sensory, as it provides a sensation to the tooth of hotness and coldness. Even without the nerve, the tooth will continue to work as it should.

It’s Better to Just Have Your Tooth Pulled

It might be cheaper, but it’s not necessarily better. When faced with a tooth problem, it’s always best to save your tooth, instead of getting rid of it. Even with an artificial tooth in place, you might still not get the same use from it as you would with a natural tooth.

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