Back To School Dental Exams

Back To School Dental Exams

Getting ready for the new school year requires a variety of things.  There’s registrations, immunizations, supplies, and clothes among other items to care for.  Yet, parents should not forget te dental care that kids need as well.  Getting a dental checkup between summer and the multiple holiday laden fall season is essential to helping them maintain a healthy smile.   Rabile Family Dentistry has aided thousands of families with dental exams, cleanings, and various preventative dental treatments at the start of the school.  Our Irving, Texas office welcomes residents of Dallas, Euless, Carrollton, Bedford, Hurst, Farmers Branch, Richardson and University Park.  Below are some of the reason wy you should never neglect a back to school exam.

Dental Health & School Attendance

One of the foremost reasons why kids miss school is due to oral health pains and problems.  In fact, tooth decay is the top child illness.  Your child is more likely to have a need to visit a dentist than to go to the doctor for allergies or asthma.

Prevention is Always Better Than Restoration

Dental restorative treatments are more expensive than preventative procedures.  Most insurances cover 100% of preventative procedures for this very reason.  Additionally, protecting your children’s natural teeth is always better than the alternative.  Scheduling a dental exam can also help your dentist to identify the early stages of problems and prevent them before they become difficult fixes.

Dental Visits Build Better Dental Routines

When your child goes to the dentists regularly, they begin to understand the importance of home oral hygiene.  At the dental office, they’ll have contact with their dentist and a hygienist who will help teach them proper brushing techniques.  These lessons often set a precedence for their teen and adult years.

Remember, untreated dental decay that has accumulated over the summer can spell disaster for the school year.  Call us today to get your child’s dental checkup scheduled! (972) 756-9557

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