Does Sugar-Free Mean Fewer Cavities?


Many people grew up being told that the real cause of cavities was sugar. Because of that belief there have been shifts in certain habits, including consumption of some sweets and drinking soda, people try to choose diet sodas or sugar-free beverages rather than water to reduce sugar intake and to reduce caloric intake. Many people have opted to sugar-free candy instead of regular candies. But research shows that this belief is not accurate.

Sugar-free sodas have been believed to be better for teeth, but don’t jump to that conclusion too quickly. Many sugar-free beverages have main ingredients that are acidic. Citric acid and similar ingredients are just as hazardous to your oral health as sugar would be. When you mix that with carbonation, the acidic ingredients will lead to more than cavities. It can also cause erosion. Just like you drink a soda with sugar, you should rinse or brush after drinking a diet soda.

Dr.Rabile and her team will help you understand more about this and help guide you how you can choose a healthy balanced nutrition and keep your teeth healthy for life.

Sugar-Free Candy?

Well diabetics aren’t the only people who eat sugar-free candy. Individuals who are trying to decrease sugar intake or who are on low-carb diets may think sugar-free candies are healthier options. Much like diet sodas, these sugar-free treats are often sweetened using ingredients that are highly acidic in nature. While consuming foods with lower amounts of sugar may be a first choice for calorie count, you should also avoid sugar for cavity prevention and other reasons.

Sugar causes cavities because it feeds bacteria, which deposit into enamel. The outer layer of teeth is weakened by the acid, resulting in cavities. Switching sugar for other acidic ingredients does not do a thing toward protecting your teeth or overall oral health. Brush and rinse to help fend off cavities. Practice good oral hygiene and schedule regular checkups with Rabile Family Dentistry.

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