Summer Is the Wise Choice for Wisdom Teeth

Before you get set for summer vacation, you may want to give some thought to getting your teen’s or college student’s troublesome wisdom teeth removed. Of course, not many would enjoy the idea of using summertime to get teeth removed. However, summer is an excellent time to get the procedure done for a variety of reasons. First, you can avoid future wisdom teeth problems before the onset of severe pain or infections. Second, if this is taken care of during summer they can avoid losing school days (or their favorite extra-curricular activities). Lastly, they can recoup without needing to catchup or study for classes (they can play video games instead).
During routine 6-month exams, we take x-rays, evaluate the development of wisdom teeth, and identify if they will be problematic. With each exam result, we’ll let you know how the wisdom teeth are progressing and determine the best strategy to remove them if necessary. Yet, what are some of the problems that wisdom teeth can cause?

Wisdom Teeth Problems

As stated above, wisdom teeth can create severe pain. Many people experience impacted wisdom teeth that grow incorrectly. Instead of rising from the gum line like healthy teeth, they often take abnormal directions that irritate the cheeks, other teeth, or the tongue. Impacted wisdom teeth also have a propensity to attract bacteria that quickly enable cavities to form. Wisdom teeth can also grow in such a way that they allow the gums to regrow over them. Such instance can be very painful when the teeth shift or grow further–cutting the gums as they do.

Scheduling wisdom teeth removals during the summer is a wise choice, especially if you have a busy teen or college student. Rabile Dental practices family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. In addition to handling wisdom teeth removals, we perform root canals, crowns, and a variety of emergency dental services.

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