Taking Care of Your Toddler’s Teeth: Helpful Tips and Tricks

Taking Care of Your Toddler’s Teeth: Helpful Tips and Tricks

One of the many firsts that new parents look forward to with their babies is their first tooth. However, when the first tooth sprouts differs for each baby; it can occur anywhere between when they’re 6–12 months old. These are typically always the lower teeth. By the age of 3, children will have all their teeth.

Suppose you’ve got a toddler who’s sprouting teeth already or might soon; use these helpful tips and tricks to make the transition easier for them. The earlier you introduce your child to oral care, the stronger their teeth will be, preventing several common oral diseases in children.

Don’t wait for teeth to come in to begin oral care

If you’re feeding your baby semi-solid foods before their teeth come in or even if they’re still drinking formula or milk, make it a habit to use a warm washcloth that’s slightly damp to wipe their gums. You can also use a rubber device to pick out leftover food from their mouth.

Taking care of the very first teeth is essential.

Many parents put off oral care for their babies because they think it’s not worth it, since they aren’t permanent teeth. However, the first teeth determine the spacing for the ones that will replace them.

They also facilitate your baby’s speech and help them chew, making it easier to introduce a variety of foods, and enriching their diet. Neglecting oral care can lead to several oral diseases, such as caries. Introduce fluoride in their diet to prevent tooth decay and harden the enamel.

Soothe teething pain with remedies

When babies start to teeth, it’s common for them to experience discomfort and pain due to swollen gums and teeth. Some babies even begin to drool more and tend to cry often. You can ease the pain by massaging the baby’s gum with your fingers after washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap for at least 20 seconds or more.

Teething rings and biscuits that are cold also help soothe the gums. It’s common for babies to be warmer than usual when teething, but in case of a fever, take them to a doctor as this indicates an infection.

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