What To Avoid Eating After A Dental Crown Placement

What To Avoid Eating After A Dental Crown Placement

People with damaged, discolored, or decayed teeth can greatly benefit from dental crowns. This tooth restoration treatment engulfs the entire surface of your tooth, offering reinforcement and strength as a result.

Crowns are durable and strong. But this does not mean that they’re not susceptible to breakage or chipping. If you don’t take care of your teeth in the aftermath, you’re costing yourself a lot of money and compromising your dental health even more.

When it comes to crown placements, you need to take every precautionary measure possible, which includes monitoring your diet. The following are some food and drinks that you need to avoid consuming:


Nuts are incredible sources of protein. But chewing them can be tough on your teeth, especially after a crown placement. You need to stay away from nuts until you’ve received a permanent crown. Even after getting a permanent crown, you need to avoid snacking on hard substances to let the crown bond with your teeth.

Crunchy Vegetables

Similar to nuts, crunchy vegetables can also hurt your newly placed crown.

Hence, you need to cook your vegetables thoroughly and avoid eating them raw until your permanent crown has settled.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods include candies, caramel, and sugary substances. We’d advise that you avoid anything that has high sugar content as a general rule.

Sticky food can easily stick to your newly placed crown and cause cavities in your mouth. These cavities can also attack vulnerable teeth that might not have received a tooth restoration treatment yet.

Cold Foods & Drinks

Your teeth are highly sensitive to pain and cold temperatures after a crown procedure.

If your gums have receded and your crown has become exposed, you might also feel sensitivity and pain from hot foods, It’s best to ask your dentist which foods are off-limits and what you should do if you accidentally consume them.

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