Why You Should Never Ignore Your Toothache

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Toothache

Toothaches are a common dental problem many people face. They can be extremely painful, and lead to severe migraines and neck pain. They can also make it challenging for you to bite or chew.

If you’re experiencing consistent toothaches, it is important for you to visit your dentist for a checkup. Oftentimes, toothaches can indicate a greater problem that might eventually worsen if not treated in a timely manner.

A past study found that around 55.1 percent of participants experienced toothache during the preceding six months. There can be several reasons behind this, deeming it important for you to take your toothaches seriously.

Below we will discuss why you should never ignore your toothache:

Tooth decay

Your toothache can be caused by decay. This prominent dental problem occurs when harmful bacteria attack your tooth enamel. Though bacteria are a normal part of your mouth, too much of sugary foods can form what we call “bad” bacteria. Tooth decay typically looks like small white or brown spots on your teeth. Past studies have found that 96 percent of Americans suffer from tooth decay by the time they reach the age of 65.

So if you’re experiencing toothache and notice odd spots on your teeth, visit your local dentist right away.

Abscessed tooth

An abscess tooth refers to a condition when pus forms around the surrounding root of an infected tooth. If this infection is left untreated, it can spread to your jaw, head, and neck. An unbearable toothache is a common symptom of this problem, deeming it necessary for you to visit a professional dentistry.

Gum disease

Toothache can also signify the onset of gum disease or in other words, gingivitis. It can mean your gums are infected, gradually leading to a more advanced stage of gum disease known as periodontal disease. Ignoring your toothache can leave the disease untreated. This may recede your gums away from your teeth, and ruin their dental structure. Your teeth may also loosen develop cavities.


You may be grinding your teeth when asleep without realizing. This condition is called bruxism. It can be a result of stress or genetics, and can cause severe toothaches. If not catered to, it can lead to tooth erosion and possible breakage. If you notice small cracks around the edges of your teeth, consider using a night mouth guard. This will protect your teeth and help relieve your painful toothaches.

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