Why Your Family Needs a Dental Appointment

Why Your Family Needs a Dental Appointment

After every festive occasion, there is a lot of food that’s leftover what else can you do when you have substantial leftovers? Leave it to rot? So what if the kids are a little tired of the chocolate pecan pies and gravy-laden potatoes?

Parents, put the turkey carcass to rest and the pumpkin spice lattes out to pasture!

Now’s the time to start stocking up on candy canes and sipping on hot chocolate! But do you think you and your kids will be able to enjoy it as much if your teeth are already weary from your food overload?

Speaking from a professional point-of-view: no!

Why a Dental Checkup is Necessary

While you might have gone to town on that veggie platter and downed a liter of water to keep that sugar content off your teeth, this still doesn’t take away from the fact that everything else on the menu does enough damage on your choppers.

From your basic cranberry sauce to the delectable sweet potato casserole, there’s plenty on your thanksgiving menu that can rot your teeth and add to your cavity issues. Toss in a cuppa Joe or two and that nightly glass of celebratory wine and you’re just asking for trouble!

This is why a dental checkup comes in handy.

But, do not assume that just because you’ve never had a dental problem, you’re in the all-clear!

While 85 percent of the U.S. population does consider oral health to be very important for their overall health, not as many take the time out to actually go to the dentist, unless they actually begin experiencing some form of pain or dental issue. And therein lays the issue.

According to a new survey, at present, more than a quarter of the U.S. population has cavities. And what’s worse is that virtually all Americans have some form of tooth decay, problems that become prominent every year when the holidays roll around, since we don’t give our teeth and gums enough attention.

Booking a Dentist Appointment in Irving, TX!

Unless you want to spend your Christmas with an ice pack wrapped around your jaw with a headband, we’d suggest that you book an appointment with Rabile Family Dentistry in Irving Texas.

It’s still early days! Use this as an opportunity to prepare your mouth and gums so you can happily enjoy all the delicacies that Christmas and New Year has to offer!

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