Wisdom Tooth Extraction—Should You Be Scared?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction—Should You Be Scared?

Paranoid and drenched in sweat; after all, you have a next day appointment for the removal of wisdom tooth. Needles, those prickly sharp needles—you seem to be fading. And your parents and friends living in Irving with you have only compounded your fears with their encounters.

“Why not just live with the wisdom tooth,” this is probably the first question that crossed your mind while you reluctantly scheduled an appointment.

Why Should I Get it Removed?

The simple fact is, you don’t need a wisdom tooth to survive—they are the gifts of our ancestor’s eating habits. However, if you don’t get rid of the annexing wisdom tooth, you may end up affecting your oral health.

So rather than going into the overdrive mode: sit back, understand the procedure and post surgery precautions, and believe us: you will realize all the harbored fears are irrational.

How the Extraction is Performed?

Opening the gum tissue, separating any attached bone, and finally removing the tooth. And if significant part of bone comes out with the tooth, your surgeon may opt for a small bone graft to compensate for it. Easy and simple!

To be honest, that sent a chill down my spine. This sounds so painful and I can see lots of blood pooling around.

And this is where your fears are irrational.

Forget the Fear of Pain

During the entire procedure, your friend—the Irving dentist—will either administer you with anesthesia or laughing gas. Pain what pain?! We are not living in medieval times.

Forget Excessive Blood Loss

With moist gauze over the empty tooth socket, you won’t be drooling any excessive blood after the surgery.

Swelling Shouldn’t Be a Concern

The ice packs; the soothing ice packs will make sure that swelling won’t be a concern for you after wisdom tooth extraction. Some of the patients don’t even experience any swelling after the procedure.

Recovery Period

It’s all about how obediently you follow the advice of your dentist friend post surgery, which will determine the recovery period. Some recover in two days, while others may take a week. And the fun part is: the precautions are not boring at all. From having soup, ice cream, and pudding to drinking the smoothies; you just need to lie down, tune into your favorite series and enjoy the days of comfort.

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