5 Tips for Preventing Teeth Discoloration

5 Tips for Preventing Teeth Discoloration

Nobody likes having yellow teeth. That’s something we can all agree on.

Discolored teeth are caused by a variety of factors, which are usually divided into three major categories:

  • Discoloration that affects only the outer layer of the teeth (extrinsic discoloration)
  • Discoloration that affects the inner layer of the teeth (intrinsic discoloration)
  • Discoloration that’s brought about due to aging.

Here’s how you can protect your teeth from yellowing.

Eat the right food

Extrinsic discoloration is often the result of the dyeing properties of the foods you eat. This includes fruits such as berries, spices like turmeric, and tomato-based sauces, among others.

A better alternative for your teeth is to eat crunchy fruits like apples and pears. These have high water content, thereby diluting the sugar they contain and maintaining the pH level of the mouth.

Cut back on caffeine

90% of Americans consume caffeine in some form. Caffeine targets the central nervous system as a mild stimulant, thereby causing wakefulness. However, people who take over 400 mg of caffeine (equivalent to four cups of coffee) a day may experience insomnia, headaches, and muscle tremors.

A coffee or tea habit causes teeth discoloration as well. However, it isn’t just bad for your teeth, it’s also bad for your overall health, since it can lead to long-term dependence.

Kicking your coffee habit to the curb is more difficult than it sounds. It’s best to cut down gradually rather than giving it up altogether at once, since this could cause you to undergo withdrawal symptoms in the form of irritability and fatigue.

Maintain good hygiene

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

In addition, you should also floss your teeth at least once every day. Basic dental hygiene goes a long way toward protecting the color of your teeth.

Cut back on smoking

The tar and nicotine present in cigarette smoke damage your teeth, causing them to stain. It’s not just discoloration that smokers have to be worried about, though—they also frequently complain of bad breath.

Brushing your teeth often and using an ADA-approved mouthwash will help. If you find the idea of quitting smoking difficult, try cutting back.

Try a tooth whitening treatment

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, nearly 90% of all patients undergoing dental treatments request tooth whitening treatments. These treatments include any of the following:

  • Whitening toothpastes. These make the teeth lighter by a shade since they’re only capable of removing stains on the surface, as opposed to bleaching products that can change the color of the tooth.
  • In-office treatment. Your dentist will use a peroxide bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, and apply it to your teeth after protecting your gums using rubber shields. This will lighten your teeth by several shades, and the results last between one and three years.
  • At-home treatment guided by your dentist. Your dentist will provide you with the materials and tell you how to use your bleaching kit at home. This is best for people who want to take the process of bleaching more slowly.
  • Over-the-counter whitening products. These include whitening strips and rinses. It’s best if you get a product that has the ADA seal of acceptance, and follow the directions on the bottle or box.

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